tALk to mE…

7 June 2007

Chris, my bestfriend- best buddy – boyfriend, and I talked last night. I shared to him my thoughts about this friend of mine in the office which I am praying to be won for Christ. Really, I’m serious in praying for Him. But you see, this officemate of mine has an idea of a logical explanation who God is. Much of the officemate, (let’s call him ‘AM’ to refer to him, for easier typing also). Well, I am just talking regarding AM with Chris and I dunno how come he thought that I am facing it by my own, winning AM by my ‘own understandng’?

AM indirectly challenges me and encourages me to know the God I believe into in a much deeper level. I am not in a so called logical pursuit of Him, or explain Him, rather explain my belief. I just want to know Him so that when there will come a time that I meet someone who is eager to know our Lord, I could tell this person how great and magnificent our God is! Chris somehow took it as I am ‘relying alone on my own understanding’ of who God is, what can He do, and how will He work. I am a little offended of what he is trying to say. I am not lacking of faith nor changing the way I see the Lord in a negative way, but I am just trying to improve my relationship with Him.

Yes, I do study doctrinal topics now about the Bible, because I believe I need and I must know these things because I believe on these things!

Well, I got his point. Reality is, there’s a small part of me which tells I should study the doctrines so I can have answers on AM’s questions. But it’s not entirely because of that. OK. Yeah, sorry Lord, for my conceitedness. My heart’s content should get rid of even tiny bit of presumptuousness. I don’t want my witnessing to AM to be purely doctrinal because we will just argue or even debate on our beliefs which is the least thing I would want to happen.

I think I shall highlight first my relationship to the Lord. I mean, if really I am a believer and a follower of Jesus’ examples, I should strive to be better and let people see that what I am talking about are the things that I applied in my life. My life should be a good testimony so that I won’t contradict what I tell to people.

To have a deep relationship with the Lord should be like a way to know him and to know how He did things in Godly way and to be eager to follow His examples. Not just only to have a ready answer for someone who has questions about Christ or the Bible, rather, how Jesus change my attitude, my perception, my heart, my whole life!


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  1. its not that I wanted you to stop knowing God,cause that is very important, what I mean is do not focus much on proving to Him the truth one on one because it would lead to logic conversation. AM is different, we cant simply pull his mind with the things that we show to him. no matter hard we explain to, we or you are not one who will be the reason for him to realize the truth. Let God do it His way, its far greater from what we can do and say. build or show a good relationship with the people around you and let God do the argumentation. leave arguments alone in him, do not entertain such topics, though it is so tempting to do. show tem what your God is doing in you and what God can possibly do to them. after God has moved, you can perfectly go with the flow without any problems with argumentations.

    kaya kita mahal eh… salamat sa pagiging honest… wab yu!

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