Blossomming to Metamorphosizing … A Glance of Maximo Oliveros

14 June 2007

Started with a chaotic atmosphere and with music rioting on the background. Fast paced frames to slow mo of scenic spots of Manila’s urban poor. Reminded me of a regular brouhaha days in the Philippines. On some accounts, I can relate but for some, I cannot, but though I can’t, I still have an idea on how it feels to be living in shabby places like those.

Here lives Maximo, a jolly and contented young lad with a lass’ heart, who by the way he carries his headband(or was it hairband?), and skimpy sando’s or spaghetti straps gliding and preening his way on the eskinita, amazingly, profoundly, remarkably etched in my mind and in my heart.

Directed by Auraeus Solito (kudos direk!) and stimulatingly written by Michiko Yamamoto, ‘Ang Pagdadalaga ni Maximo Oliveros’ (‘The Blossoming of Maximo Oliveros’) is a real non real story that weaves the life of the central character Maximo or ‘Maxi’, as his friends call him, with the lives of the people he truly loves: his father excellently played by Soliman Cruz (my former director in Folk Arts Theater, I’m so proud of you direk! hope you still remember me),’astig’, serious brother Kuya Boy (Neil Ryan Sese), the funny smart but very caring Kuya Bogs (Ping Medina, cutey!!!) and the kind hearted cop, Victor Perez (JR Valentin) who robbed Maxi’s sanity(haha!).

Conflict began when one of Maxi’s brother Kuya Boy killed a 16-year old innocent student when the former snatched the latter’s cellphone and Maxi is somehow confused, due to his love to his family, to keep his loyalty with them rather than squealing the truth to his crush/love Victor the cop and his knight in shining armor.
Things from here unfold the dark nature of poverty and injustices. Until a new chief came to the scene who will eventually change the truning point of Maxi’s life.

One of the most heart tugging scenes that caught me is Kuya Bogs utterly and ‘touchingly protective’ love to Maxi.

Then there also goes the slain on one of Maxi’s important guy on his life. The events that follow make me lose my sanity. (Nyahaha!!! I cried hard before I went to sleep).

No matter how Maxi tries to make everything back to normal again, it cannot be and would not be because the one person who’s a major source of his strength was gone. His family can’t be whole anymore. It’s a sad reality. But reality though.

Futhermore on the tear jerkers in the movie is the acceptance of Maxi’s brothers and father on him. It melted my heart. Not really centralizing on Maxi being gay but the point that it’s so hard to sometimes to accept your own family’s ugly side, especially on Filipino society’s perpective of having a gay son, Maxi’s family’s unquestionable love is a rare thing in this world now. Not only Maxi’s family but also on Maxi’s acceptance of his father’s and brother’s illegal business.

(Wishlist#1 : brothers like Kuya Boy and Kuya Bogs to whom i can make lambing and who will touchingly protect me…
Wishlist#2 : A tatay like direk Soliman/ Mang paco with whom I can hug and can express my daughterly affection.)

Rating for this movie is perfect 5 out of 5!!!! A must see!!!!




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