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26 July 2007

What’s eating up your time?


T.G.I.T. Thank God it’s Thursday.

The long wait is finally over (once again). As the clock inches its way towards shouting 6:00 (or it may vary depending on your HR Manager’s or simply manager’s temper, or policies, and don’t forget the workload buddy!), the notion of a day off simply takes one’s breath away. Say bye bye to dear PC Monitor, ruined computer keyboard (this is the result of pouring out your angst on that poor board, you should have seen the lost Ctrl key, it went underneath the table to escape your wrath), jolly and almost-insane colleagues (Say genius! Isn’t it there’s a thin line between genius and insanity? So maybe the correct term must be almost genius), ok, almost-genius-colleagues for that matter, and to the path most trodden, you can say farewell to the ever loving bus stop where you wait for almost one hour for Bus No. 6 to take you to your beloved office…Bid now your Sayonara… Au revoir… Adios…Goodbye – for two days. Cease smiling just for a moment otherwise they might think you’re ‘almost a genius’ (*grin*). Now, breathe, relax, and enjoy each passing seconds of pressure-free and tension-stripped time. Float in the world of Friday (and Saturday, if you are blessed with two-day rest day) for at this very moment, you’re a breathing human again and not some mechanical android.

Now, this article is devoted to make you happy. Really. Don’t be too pessimistic and join me to make this ‘free time’ — of yours and mine– absolutely worthwhile. (*wink*)

Ideally, your free time will start by Thursday night. And most likely, you have devoted 30 and 2 minutes all weekday afternoon thinking of what activities to embark on or in which shopping mall has the biggest sale to go to on this most anticipated day (or night perhaps?) of the week. You also are considering your friend’s scoop of a newly opened stand up comedy bar. Or maybe a movie treat and a popcorn. Or a dinner date at… blah. I don’t want to pretend I know the places. I just dunno. (Perhaps I’m just not a dinner date-goer, or I consider eating at McDonalds a dinner date as long as it’s dinner time and as long as you’re with special someone or after all, I’m just a romantic that doesn’t believe on a dinner date, whatever.) You can also delight on your Magic Sing Karaoke Microphone & Song Chips and sing you heart out. Show off your singing prowess! Reach a high note! Achieve a head tone like what Rachel Anne Go is fond of doing. (TFC subscribers, I know so well your eagerness to watch ASAP Face off or The Champs segment of ASAP for R.A. GO sing on the top of her lungs.) Come on dude! Filipinos are not musically gifted for nothing. Just be sure you don’t go bashing someone else’s eardrums. That’s cruelty. They too want to enjoy their Thursday night in the comfort of their own homes and not in some pocket-emptying hospital you know.

The list can be endless. There’s too much you want to accomplish aside from sewing your torn sleeves, sweeping the million fallen hairs in the living room and cooking Adobo (*adobo, yum yum!*). You want to treat yourself of something extraordinary. Extra special. Exceptionally enjoyable that’s … loads of fun and memorable. I have one cool activity in my mind that really matches these criteria you’re looking for. Hold your breath…. Tadah! Attending a cell group!


So much for my introduction, (sorry, it’s relatively lengthy) let’s get down to top three reasons why you should join a cell group.


I met quite a lot of people since I was on my kindergarten school. A number of them are really interesting. Some just plainly smile; others would perform strange stunts such as jumping, wrestling, rock climbing and mountain climbing. (Jumping? Strange? Duh.) A lot of people want to always talk and talk and talk and simply talk. Few speak of substance. There are also those who hear from the talker. Few are listeners. Only handfuls are doers. Some are very active. Some are meek. For me, I would never get tired of observing people. Diversity of attitude, personalities and characters is one of the most interesting and extraordinary thing that exists in this world. And I tell you dear readers, the jewels lie in groups called cell group who are of diverse and distinctive personalities but united with one burning passion: Jesus. Know them. They are worth your effort.

Extra Special

Want to attain a special power? (Ding, ang bato!!! Hehehe…)

Here’s the extra special power you can always have: God’s Word.

“The Word of God is full of living power. It is sharper than the sharpest knife, cutting deep into our innermost thoughts and desires.” Hebrews 4:12 NLT

People who have joined cell groups delve on subjects that talk about their passion. Those topics come from the full authority of God’s own words, His precious message to His children, the Bible. Flipping the pages is entirely different from imbibing it. I always find God’s word empowering and refreshing my tired soul and mind. The world, your boss, your work, problems, and worst broken relationships could certainly zap energy out of you, but in God’s word, you will find yourself restored, alive and excited. Our daily devotions should not be forgotten, but the bond with our fellow brothers and sisters in Christ can as well bring forth birth of a new understanding, a wider perspective and never heard before yet sensible and helpful Christ-centered point of views.

Exceptionally enjoyable + fun + memorable experience = Cell group

Rather than wracking your brain coming up with ideas on how to spend your Thursday night, I urge you to run to the nearest cell group in your place (ours is in Satwa, Tita Nena’s place… this is the coolest cell group I tell you, if you think I’m lying, then I challenge you to attend at least four consecutive Thursday nights to prove your accusation, and let’s see… Well, if it ain’t cool enough, you can contribute by bringing one gallon of Haagen-Dazs, then let’s talk about how to make the group cool enough to suit your taste). I remember a game Jing ‘the Golden voice’ had let us play. It’s Trivia or a Quiz regarding the Bible. Quite interesting and informative.


(Personally, I’ll opt for caramel or mocha-flavored cakes. I will appreciate if you can give me one. Haha!)

“Ikaw ba ay nalolongkot, nalolombay at walang magawa sa bohay?”

This was an MTV Ad in the year 1999 or 2000… I forgot. This made me laugh in its first appearance on TV. But observing the girl who was holding a phone in her right hand, boringly dialing numbers of whoever reflected a badly dull and monotonous life. (The eyes, pare, the eyes! They are freaky haunting!)

My final words would be, well… Each of us has a choice. We could spend time on things as dull, monotonous, now-happy-but-tomorrow-broke, absurd, futile time of our life just like what the girl in the ad represents. On the other hand, we can also choose to enjoy time which will let us grow spiritually, as to studying and living out God’s words in our life.

Finally, I want to quote this verse most of us, I assume, have heard before. My challenge to you, readers, is to answer one whole book of Sodoku. Hehe. Kidding. Just simply meditate on this verse and then decide on this day forward, what you are going to do on Thursday nights. I pray you had a good time pondering.

Do not conform any longer to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Then you will be able to test and approve what God’s will is—his good, pleasing and perfect will. Romans 12:2


R for Rome

24 July 2007

“Look! This is not a conversation!” Luke accused.

“Oh yeah?! So what do you want to call what we’re doing right now? Huh?! Simultaneous Monologue?” Sarcasm in Micah’s voice cannot be hidden. Her voice trembles as she opens her mouth. There’s too much pain she cannot bear anymore. Just too much pain.

“I’m asking you to talk to me. No, OK… Let me rephrase that. I’m no longer asking you, I’m begging you. Can you be considerate enough to answer or at least react properly to what I’m telling you?”

It’s Micah’s deep sighs that only respond. Inside her mind, she’s repeating the non-stop mantra of blame and hatred.

Shut up. Shut up. How dare you? Just shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up. Shut up.

“This sweat is so irritating!” Luke mutters as he softly dub the Penshoppe hanky on his forehead.

In the first two months of their relationship, Luke’s vanity amuses him. But it’s plainly brain wracking now. She sometimes thinks Luke is a homo and their relationship is a big lie. A farce they both put up.

For Luke, it’s for fame. For Micah, it’s desperation. Talk about life’s unfairness.

But she knows these are nonetheless mere imaginations. Micah loves Luke. And Luke, with all his vanity, his day-and-night sarcastic and ironic nagging, loves Micah with such devotion and passion Micah could never deny.

Micah knows so well Luke is just overwhelmingly concerned on halting the argument, to present precisely his point, while wiping the sweats covering his forehead, temples, and neck of course.

But Micah just didn’t feel answering nor listening at all. Luke have said the key words. The very words that make Micah’s heart sliced into lean pieces until those pieces of her heart were like beaten path towards doom.

“This is so unbearable!” Micah yelled five centimetres away from Luke’s left ear.

“Ouch! Why do you always have to do that?” Luke tries to test his hearing while shaking his head.

“Do you want to have a deaf fiancee?”
“Maybe I’ll opt for a deaf fiancee rather than a vain man who dreams to be my weighing scale.” Micah looks scary with her eyes forced to be wide opened.

“Are you furious only because I told you to stop eating half gallon ice cream and two bars of Cadbury chocolate in our date?” Luke’s eyebrows raise till it reaches the sky.



7 July 2007

I need

I need to be tall

I need to be slim

I need to have fair complexion

I need to have hairless legs and arms

I need my underarms to be hair-free and sweat-free as well

I need to have straight, shiny ,black hair

I need it to be cut perfectly

I need to have curly long eyelashes

I need to tweeze my brows every other day

I need to have clean ears and booger-free nose

I need my teeth to be as white as pearls

I need to cut my nails till they bleed

And finally, I need something or someone that will help me realize that these things I’ve mentioned are not the ones I really need to fix my life.

I’m dim-witted big fatty ass. I’m fat and lots of cellulites are stored in my body.
I need to start thinking in such a way where everything is positive. I need to do that and that is a gigantic challenge.

The reality of life bites badly.
It bites often and makes my teeth gnash and my head swirls as I go searching in the deeper recesses of my brain why things supposes to be like this and like that.

Going to salon and pay those hair-wreckers some… ok let me rephrase that… a bunch of your bucks for a hair so straight it looks like you’ll gonna be the next member of F4, so that makes you the “5th F” (har har!), is not really something extraordinary.

It will make you look expensive and all but will not help you to be a person who’ll gonna make changes on people’s heart and mind.

It will only make you look presentable and pleasing to someone else’s eyes.

Ah! Conventions!

You should look expensive first to be treated as expensive.

Hey, I don’t want to be treated as expensive, I just want to be treated as a person!



7 July 2007

Life is indeed complicated. And its complications are itching me.

As one tries to understand or at least to rationalize why certain things happen or why do people kept on hurting other people even though its crystal clear we are all humans and all have our own rights, that person will end up oxygen journeying in his nose with a wracked brain.

Yet, we, as Christians, (hello to all Christian readers out there and also to the non-Christians, you’re very free to read my blog… it’s indeed my pleasure…), know that everything happens for a reason and our Almighty God sees each and everyone’s sufferings and afflictions.

Anyway, I’m just… er… my stomach is disturbed. I’ll just gonna run for some cheese croissant.