7 July 2007

I need

I need to be tall

I need to be slim

I need to have fair complexion

I need to have hairless legs and arms

I need my underarms to be hair-free and sweat-free as well

I need to have straight, shiny ,black hair

I need it to be cut perfectly

I need to have curly long eyelashes

I need to tweeze my brows every other day

I need to have clean ears and booger-free nose

I need my teeth to be as white as pearls

I need to cut my nails till they bleed

And finally, I need something or someone that will help me realize that these things I’ve mentioned are not the ones I really need to fix my life.

I’m dim-witted big fatty ass. I’m fat and lots of cellulites are stored in my body.
I need to start thinking in such a way where everything is positive. I need to do that and that is a gigantic challenge.

The reality of life bites badly.
It bites often and makes my teeth gnash and my head swirls as I go searching in the deeper recesses of my brain why things supposes to be like this and like that.

Going to salon and pay those hair-wreckers some… ok let me rephrase that… a bunch of your bucks for a hair so straight it looks like you’ll gonna be the next member of F4, so that makes you the “5th F” (har har!), is not really something extraordinary.

It will make you look expensive and all but will not help you to be a person who’ll gonna make changes on people’s heart and mind.

It will only make you look presentable and pleasing to someone else’s eyes.

Ah! Conventions!

You should look expensive first to be treated as expensive.

Hey, I don’t want to be treated as expensive, I just want to be treated as a person!


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