beat the evil by having an MBA

6 September 2007

Most of the time, I’m like this. “This” refers to a thinking that I am made for bigger things, meant for beyond imagination purpose, and supposed to be in another place and in another time.

Am I not contented? Am I looking for excuses to escape my current situation? Am I really not following God’s will when I’m being like this?

Specifically, I am really contemplating on going to a graduate school pursuing an MBA in Marketing. I want to either study in London or in New York or in Canada perhaps, perfecting the craft that was given to me by God. I can feel that. I know I am above average. Not that it is only a selfish assumption boosting my ego but based on my past experiences, I know I can excel much more. I can enrich this God-given wisdom and intelligence for the expansion of God’s kingdom. Maybe after the MBA degree, I can be a real expert on Marketing and use this as a leeway for spreading the good news through different means. I mean, I’m actually talking about promoting Christianity in modern era using up to date medium. Isn’t it cool? And I’ll love to be an expert on that subject matter, equipped with unbeatable knowledge on how it is going to run.

The world out there is set in the race to be authorities on their worldly endeavors and they succeeded not because God gave them the gifts but because evil reigns and is trying to beat the children of God by promoting through different medium and various means subjects favored by the world. Let’s take for example films. I love films so much that some of them left a life changing mark on me. Film making and all the technical areas associated with it come from God. It should be used to bring back to God all the glory because all things came from Him. The artistic gifts, the technical machineries, the people… all these came from an Almighty God who wants to bring enjoyment on His creation through visual artistry. I just cannot harmonize the fact that these artistically gifted people go to extremes and make films that not only disproved of existence of God. Some would take gory and inhuman themes highlighting man’s ill nature. Why? Is this going to help people to appreciate their lives? Is it edifying? Inspiring? Will be able to help the needy? Uplift a weak soul out there? Pay homage to a one true God that created beautiful things? Beautiful soul? I don’t think so. Unless these artists have invented excuses to acquit themselves for “expressing” their “artistry”. Such a self-centered perspective of art. I can name more medium but the idea is all together the same. Misused of artistry for self-glory that highlight human’s cruelty and immoral desires.

I want some betterment to this type of society we face every single day. From music that we hear from our FM receiver/MP3 player/I-pod, to the largest billboard that hellos us each morning on the way to work or school, from the TV ads so materialistic and nothing but lies to the awesome novels which are sometimes less awesome nowadays because the antagonist has to be some sort of psycho killer who collects tooth from his myriad victims. I want to combat this kind of system. True, we cannot deny that there are heinous crimes committed by the most evil people in the world. And no one can ever negate that by showing only feel good movies or by promoting pacifism. But do some people really need to bombard the audience with cold blooded types of films, music and adverts? Not only cold blooded ones but erotic, carnal images that pollute and corrupt the minds of the people most especially the young ones. I remember what my professor in Argumentation and Debate once told us in her class, “There are indeed so many bad things that happened in our life, ugly sides that haunt us, but given this fact, do we really have to focus all our effort onto these bad areas of our lives? Instead of whining and complaining about all these, why don’t we look at the good side of it?” Simple statements but remarkable. Mrs. Anabelle Kibanoff-Mercado is such a rare gem.

Anyway, my conclusion is, I still have to pray for these plans of mine. I don’t know if God will keep my life simpler than I thought learning from my life’s simplicity and complexity and those that surrounds me precious lessons that will help me to reach my goals . Or maybe God will provide grander events beyond my fantasies can ever grasp. Life clutters and complications aren’t always a sign of God’s blessing though. But then, think about it, I could it give it a shot. .


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