alienation vs. connectedness

19 September 2007

Nice is the Antidote to Office Politics

OP: Some people identify being good at office politics as being mean-spirited. Do you believe you can be nice and still be skilled at office politics? Can you conquer office politics by being nice?
Linda Kaplan Thaler: It may seem somewhat counterintuitive, but being nice can be the most effective tool for success when dealing with office politics. Fundamentally, office politics are typically used with the objective of trying to gain an advantage in the work environment.
While we all share this goal of striving to get ahead, instead of expending lots of negative energy
rushing to grab a slice of the pie for yourself, think about how you can broaden your horizons and bake a bigger pie so everyone gets a piece. When you bake a bigger pie, its the ultimate win-win situation. You get more of what you want and feel better about what you’re doing and you create a new recipe for success.

for more office politics remedy…
please see

honestly speaking, i cannot relate to this post, not that it was badly worded where it’s in fact has its own good points and very inspiring… but these two reasons hinder me as to identify with this scenario:

the first reason is that:

there’s no politics of any sort that exists in our office basically because of the second reason…

most of them speak in Chinese language…

no matter how much I twist my mind to understand them in their daily conversation, I cannot ever decode the mystery of their communicative means – definitely not until I learn to speak in Chinese, talk Chinese, walk Chinese, breathe Chinese, sleep Chinese, write Chinese, joke Chinese…

with this, I came to a conclusion that I will remain an alien to this office and to this country, albeit my lifetime stay here…(which is the last thing I’ll ever do)and that will save me from being doomed, I guess.

but think again, I’d rather be doomed and involved in healthy politicking (if there exist such euphoria) than be alienated!

just monologuizing…


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