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yey! pinoy wordpress member na ko!

30 October 2007


got this from wordpress pinoys…

it’s a must for each member to put this image to their blog’s sidebar so here it goes… tadah…

masunuring bata na ko…nyhehehehe…


To change and change for the better are two different things – a German proverb

29 October 2007

To move from blogger to wordpress was such a difficult decision. I’ve been really comfortable using all the templates and experimenting with my account in blogger. But then, what pushes me to finally use wordpress is that, oh well… I’ve observed so many fellow kabayans have been using it over blogger. Maybe I just want to be in (not really), or let me put it this way: I will be able to communicate more with kapwa pinoys and participate in forums in wordpress.

In changing my blog host, I don’t want to lose my previous posts so I’ve searched for some tips to migrate my posts and comments from my former blog to here. It’s just a breeze. Click here.


my daemon’s name is inachus… mukang kuting…

18 October 2007

got this from the official website of the movie “the golden compass“.
sabi nitong website na ito (syempre hindi natin alam kung chorva lang yun o for promotinal epek!),
may kanya kanyang Daemon daw ang bawat tao at nagbabago ito habang lumalaki ito…

sa akin, ang pangalang niya ay Inachus. wow! susyal! mabalahibong pusa siya… heheheh…

inachus ice’s daemon

cute noh? try nyo rin…

PS. kailan ko lang nalaman na wolf pala ito. kung color blind ang tawag sa taong may diperensya ang paningin sa pag-distinguish ng mga colors, anong tawag sa isang taong confused sa pinagka-iba ng kuting sa wolf?


incredimail… pantastik!!!

18 October 2007

na-excite naman ako sa bago kong email client na natuklasan! ang INcRedImaiL!
super cute nito at bagay na bagay sa aking trip.

nagprint screen ako kasi nagulat ako ng may lumabas na manong sa corner ng monitor ko para i-deliver ang mainit init na e-mail! super coool!!! click here para naman ma-try niyo kung gaano sya ka-cute… hehehe… super! pwedeng pwede nyong i-configure ang anumang web-based email accounts nyo pwera lang sa selfish na hotmail!

pambihira! kailangan mo pang magkaroon ng paid account para ma-enable ang POP3 mo at para ma-set mo ito sa iyon email client (eg. eudora, outlook, incredimail). i hate them! huhuuhuhu… hindi ko tuloy magamit ang incredimail sa hotmail account ko. kainis! pero di bale. cute pa rin si incredimail at masaya pa rin ako na nakilala ko siya.

signature ko nga pala sa e-mail:


jim and andy stole my sleep

17 October 2007

last night, antok at medyo bad trip na kasi late na at hindi pa ko natutulog, nag-aya si chris na manood ng movie. palagay nyo right timing ba yun? huh? palagay ko,oo, tamang tama ang oras na yun para.. tumawa… hehehe…

isinalang ang Man on the Moon, ang buhay ni Andy Kaufman, isang henyo at batikang komedyante noong late 70’s to early 80’s. ginampanan ni Jim Carrey ng buong husay at buhay ang papel na tipong hindi mo talaga makikita ang katauhan ni Jim Carrey kungdi si Andy Kaufman na buhay na buhay na nasa stage at nambibiktima ng kanyang audience. ala-una na ng madaling araw, humahagikgik pa rin kami ni chris sa sobrang aliw namin sa pelikulang Man on the Moon.

wala akong kwentang mag-review ngayon kasi bad trip ako sa boss ko. hay nakow talaga. hehe. gumana na naman kasi ang pagiging walang direksyon nya at hindi pag-kaorganizado. wala naman akong maipipintas kasi sa ugali nya pero, hello?! nababasag na talaga bungo ko kung paano aandar itong kumpanyang ito ng walang pundasyon na pag-aaral o research. syempre pa, i digress.

backto the man on the moon, it’s my pleasure to tell you it is indeed a 4.99 out 5 and a must see. it’s an award winning film, awards include Golden Globe, Grammy,and Boston Society of Film Critics Award for the outstanding performance of Jim Carrey and the film in general.

an excerpt of the film nga pala… para naman ma-convince ko kayo…


listen with your heart…

9 October 2007

I’ve been through a raging battle of choosing between:

a job offer so tempting it will give me the opportunity to fly to my dream land, Canada, and earn salary far better what I am currently getting, a job full of optimism, wonderful and sensible bosses, with a clear career ladder that will let me have my desired position of a Marketing Communication Executive in the future and exposure to the corporate world…


my current job which is as vague as the frosted window in the winter season…
no plans.
no growth.
no benefits.
no bonus.
no organization.
no Canada.
no going up nor down.

no nothing. the exact opposite of the first one.

I think it’s much too obvious which one did I chose to stay.
Of course, the one God gave me.


6 months ago, I asked God for a 3000dirham-job.
I got it exactly the way I prayed for it.

3 months ago, I whined and complained my boredom to this job I have. and still whining for a couple of months.

7 days ago, I realized the purpose of my stay. I decided to stay.

6 days ago, I got a phone call for a job interview.

4 days ago, I was offered my dream job.

3 days ago, I handed my resignation letter and started to work for my dream job.

yesterday, I was still confused, torn between the want to go and escaped these seemingly cold and disorganized people and chase the greener pasture or commit to my vow to stay for the next 6 months trusting the Lord with all my heart, my mind, my soul and my strength of what He can do if I remain faithful and trust Him…

today, I heard God’s voice saying… trust Me… and witness what I will do if you’ll keep My word into your heart…

I listen, I adhered, I’ll obey.


i’m timing on time

7 October 2007

I knew I had a problem with time management when I did the following:

a. Watched wowowee’s contestants’ narrations of their lives’ tragedies instead of worrying that I am 30 minutes late and should be ironing my blouse and trousers and oh, taking a bath.

b. Got hooked up with Heroes (a tv series featuring people of superb supernatural powers which is sort of the tv series version of x-men, except that this Heroes plot is so madly woven and the characters deliciously intertwined. thanks to Tim Kring, writer and producer of Heroes) that I am just about to sleep at the exact time my house mates are snoring and dreaming and waking up when almost all of them are gone to work

c. Made up a resolution that I won’t ever be late again and still comes to office through a cab because the bus already passed while I was still in comma

d. Gave excuses that my work is so lame and darn boring… which is true though… (kahit na…)

Wondering how to halt this chronic tardiness of mine, I chanced upon one of the articles in WIkiHow, a a website functioning as manual full of how to’s.

the article is entitled:

How to be punctual

follow the link and if you’re like me working to beat that tardiness out of you, the steps recommended are really helpful, practical and useful you might want to try if it’s effective in you.

as for me, I’ve already started. Wish me the best.


Sabi ni Aristotle, we are what we repeatedly do, Excellence then is NOT an ACT but a HABIT.

If I get myself on time with my appointments, I surely am practising myself the habit of being on time. Thus, If I get myself successfully punctual, then tardiness will no longer be a problem with me.

Pero sabi rin sa research, for a certain action to be fully transformed into a habit, it takes 21 consecutive days to practice it. Extra challenge: 21 days of punctuality. walang mintis! Wahaha!