i’m timing on time

7 October 2007

I knew I had a problem with time management when I did the following:

a. Watched wowowee’s contestants’ narrations of their lives’ tragedies instead of worrying that I am 30 minutes late and should be ironing my blouse and trousers and oh, taking a bath.

b. Got hooked up with Heroes (a tv series featuring people of superb supernatural powers which is sort of the tv series version of x-men, except that this Heroes plot is so madly woven and the characters deliciously intertwined. thanks to Tim Kring, writer and producer of Heroes) that I am just about to sleep at the exact time my house mates are snoring and dreaming and waking up when almost all of them are gone to work

c. Made up a resolution that I won’t ever be late again and still comes to office through a cab because the bus already passed while I was still in comma

d. Gave excuses that my work is so lame and darn boring… which is true though… (kahit na…)

Wondering how to halt this chronic tardiness of mine, I chanced upon one of the articles in WIkiHow, a a website functioning as manual full of how to’s.

the article is entitled:

How to be punctual

follow the link and if you’re like me working to beat that tardiness out of you, the steps recommended are really helpful, practical and useful you might want to try if it’s effective in you.

as for me, I’ve already started. Wish me the best.


Sabi ni Aristotle, we are what we repeatedly do, Excellence then is NOT an ACT but a HABIT.

If I get myself on time with my appointments, I surely am practising myself the habit of being on time. Thus, If I get myself successfully punctual, then tardiness will no longer be a problem with me.

Pero sabi rin sa research, for a certain action to be fully transformed into a habit, it takes 21 consecutive days to practice it. Extra challenge: 21 days of punctuality. walang mintis! Wahaha!


One comment

  1. hi icsx…i got your blog site from wp-pinoys.com…*wink* *wink* i’m one nosy guy who loves to blog hop. lolz. enuff of that. thanks pala dito sa link na to. mejo sakit ko din yung pagiging late. after reading the wiki link, i got inspired to practice to be on time. good luck sa extra challenge mo – or mas bagay yata na “anong result ng extra challenge mo?”. lolz.

    p.s. hindi ako madaldal. hahaha!

    salamat kuping sa iyong pagdalaw. ako rin blog hopper…hehe… resulta? eyon… inatake ng inconsistency… 2 weeks lang sumuko na ko.. pero sabi nga, habang may buhay, may pag-asa. kaya pag nabibigo akong i-keep ang pagiging early riser ko, the next day, pinaparusahan ko ang sarili ko sa pamamagitan ng pagkain ng london dairy double chocolate ice cream. (=^.^=)

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