moments and people I’ll cherish forever

12 November 2007

friends are people with big hearts and colorful minds who are enthusiastic and ever excited for their friends’ happiness.

thank God Chris and I have this bunch of real good ones! haha 😛

to the cool people Bell, Jing, Babes, Tyn& Kelvin…

this post is dedicated to all of you who extravagantly made our 4th anniversary enchanting and heart warming…

this is also for my mahal… pre… dave… you’re one sweet guy. the foods are terrific! pwede ka ng Chef mahal! lab yu lab yu!

wacky in our anniv

cool floating candles

awesome flowers

gifts from the heart

kewlness lights


the Rolle Hotel


ang ating mga crew… bow!


I love you each and everyday, each happy and sad things strengthens my love for you.
I love you with all the things that we’re not the same.
I love you with all our imperfections and moods.
I love you forever and forevermore.

Let me apologize to my shortcomings, my heartbreaking comments that hurts you heart.
Forgive me for all my mistakes and wrong actions.
Forgive me for not being an ideal boyfriend sometimes.
Forgive me on the times I made your heart cry.
Forgive me in times that seems your less priority in my time.

Please don’t give up on me my dearest love.
I know God will bless us forever and ever and all the generation that will come from us.

Happy happy, happy happy happy fourth year love anniversary!
I love you so much. I’m always proud of you and Im blessed with you.
Millions thanks to you my love.
I love you.

Best kisses,
Chris/ Dave/ Mahal/ Pre




I love you mahal. Thanks for holding on me.
I love you despite of the petty flaws.
You may be not the man whom we see in movies who can fly, or swing on buildings or transform into whatnot’s sweeping girls on their feet..
But you have been the man of God, full of wisdom and sound judgment that can melt my heart and others who listen to you.
Every time you speak, it’s full of sensible things and excellent observations.
I am blessed by your passion to always think of other’s welfare above our own.
Thank you for unselfishly loving me mahal ko.
Thank you for your patient on me.
Thank you for your awesome sense of humour.
Your wit and funny antics always make big problems went lighter and manageable.

I’ve already forgiven you for things that you’ve mentioned.
I, too, have my own shortcomings. Forgive me from all of these as well.

God says let your Yes be Yes and No be No.
So, I’m saying this to you now, without the word promise because this declaration is already an oath for the rest of my life.

I’ll stand by you, I’ll hold on to you, through every circumstances that will come our way, I’ll keep on loving you
and taking care of you. I’ll always let my heart and ears open to words you will say however painful or helpful it may be.

I’ll always be your mahal, your partner, your ‘pre’, your ice, your companion, your love…as long as God allow me.
I’ll always hold your hands and cup your face and kiss it… I’ll always be amazed and amused by you.

I’ll always be here for you…
Happy fourth year love anniversary!
I’ll be grateful in my entire life because I met you.
my Chris, my Mahal, my Dave, my PRE…Thank you so much.

I lab yu lab yu!

with hugs, kisses, tears and love,
Your Ice,Aiza, Pre





  1. umiiyak ang puso ko sa sobrang saya habang binabasa ko ito..

    maraming maraming salamat din sa inyong dalawa, Chris and Aiza! You’ve given us a lot of inspiration!

    luv u both! =)

  2. huhuhuhu… thank you din ng maraming maraming maraming marami jing…

    luv u too! 😀

  3. Two people…
    So in love…
    TRIALS will surely come BUT if u will face them TOGETHER…
    even the BIGGEST TRIAL can not move ur LOVE &; TRUST with one another.
    And don’t forget the secret WEAPON… having GOD in the center of ur relationship… and EVERYTHING will just be FINE… I know HE is already in ur HEARTS… just continue TRUSTING in HIM…

    Thanks Grace. Thank you so much. I do appreciate your dropping by and your lovely comment.
    God bless you more ganda!

  4. Hi! I was surfing and found your blog post… nice! I love your blog. 🙂 Cheers! Sandra. R.

    • i’m so happy you dropped by. got a new blog by the way. tensundaycastles.wordpress.com

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