27 November 2007

Years ago, you stood with me to face the world.
Years ago, you pushed me so hard to independence though you did not want to let me go.
Years ago, you slapped my face for being so damn irresponsible.
Years ago, you taught me to shut my mouth and learn from silence.
Years ago, you let me listened to your clamors on how life has been hard for you.
Years ago, you did not let me lend a hand to help you.
Years ago, you damp a wet towel on my forehead.
Years ago, you shouted at the top of your lungs so I would be convinced to have my dinner
Years ago, you reminded me incessantly of so many things I might forget to bring.
Years ago, you kept your strength for us, for everyone else that needs you.
Years ago, you kept all the pains.


Years ago, I witnessed it all.

And now through streaming eyes and a healed spirit, let me sing to you once more…
Happy birthday Mama, happy birthday Mama, happy birthday happy birthday…
Happy birthday Mama…

mama pix

 “The greatest mom in the whole world”

I am still longing for your gentle touch , your tough spirit and motherly wisdom… I love you ‘Ma. I love you very much.

I’m no longer mad at myself for not telling you how much I do. I already forgave myself ‘Ma. I hope, in the father’s bosom where you are right now, I dearly hope you can see how I applied everything you taught me. How God has taken care of me, of all of us that you loved so much, after you go. Sometimes, things go really tough. But all I can do is to admit I’m weak and let God face the battle for me.

It’s so hard without you. I still cry at times but remembering how you manage to overcome frustrations and sufferings, I wipe them quickly and smile.

If I can go back in time, I wish I can go back 7 days before that fateful day. I wish I can return to November 19th 2004. I wish I’d have the chance to give you the very first birthday cake I planned to surprise you.

Maybe I had made you smile. Maybe I had eased the pain somehow. Maybe. Maybe.

So much for the cake and the wishes. I know you’re in the best place in the whole universe now so cake is just for some sweet toothed like me. Haha!

Once more, thank you for your awesome life you shared with us. You are one tough Momma!
Happy birthday and I love you.



  1. ako na unang mag-cocomment: anong ginawa ko sa sarili ko sa picture, nagmukha akong momo. hehe lolz!

  2. I almost cry for this post, well said gurl. Happy Birthday to your momma! 🙂

    miss ko na siya talaga. miss na miss. salamat sa iyong pagbati 🙂

  3. nakakaiyak naman to… so sad without mom or dad in our life.. but we need to accept na we should be strong kahit wala na sila..

    happy birthday to ur mom…

    I faced such dilemma. to be strong. not because I want to. but I need to.
    Kunsabagay, tanggap ko na. Minsan lang talaga mahirap pag wala yung taong source of strength mo.
    thanks Rhap for the greetings!

  4. belated haberday to your mom, ice!

    nakonsensya naman ako. i sometimes take for granted my mom. 😦

  5. @ lenggai

    ganyan din ako noon. i took for granted people so important in my life. but when the reality of death struck me so hard after mom’s demise, I promised myself I’ll going to change that attitude. habang may panahon ka pa lenggai, habang may binibigay pa sa iyo na pagkakataon para i-express yung affection, yung love… dun sa mga taong importante s ‘yo… do it… it’ll change your life.

  6. TAMA!!!…ako den….i’ve played a lot of thoughts in my mind at this point…tough din ang mama ko..dont wanna tell the whole story pero all this time i know that darating ang panahon na mawawala talaga sya…hindi ko pa imagine sarili ko when that happens (the same as it is for my Dad)..ang hirap eh..~sniff~sniff~

    lam mo bang ngumangawa na ko dahil sa post na to???..tisyu!!!!!

    oi link kita (pangalawang beses na to…)

    grabe parang matatapos na talaga ang buhay ko nun nung nalaman ko na mawawala na sa amin si mama. sobrang bilis na wala na kaming panahon to cope up.
    weeks before niya umalis, napanaginipan ko ang mangyayari. hayst. 😦 pinagwalang bahala ko lang.

    sabay na tayong umiyak…
    ni-link na kita at maraming tenkshu… very very big… lolz!

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